Summer McKelvey

Owner, Main videographer/photographer

Hey, I’m Summer. To keep it straight forward, I am the founder of One Motion Media. When I was younger, I always carried around my dad’s awkwardly heavy Sony to either make some super confusing Bratz Dolls movie or embarrass myself by making this music video of myself to Shrek’s “All-star” hit which is still to this day on a tape in my closet. Once I matured and started taking movie making more seriously, I would occasionally film a wedding here and there as well as make videos for my high school. Filming has undoubtedly always been my gift that God blessed me with and so I choose to keep making meaningful videos that give purpose. From music videos to wedding films and senior videos to performance productions, I keep looking for more opportunities to do more.

I love to film and share my creativity with everyone. I use professional equipment every project I work on with Sonys, Canons, stabilizers, audio recorders, cranes, and much more. I develop each project into a high quality product that embodies either cinematic, documentary, or artistic style. This is not only my passion, but my dream job, and I’m living it.




Sawyer Jones

Second videographer/photographer, Licensed drone operator