Tiffany is a high school friend of mine. I remember us being on the Journalism staff together, cutting up, making squirrel jokes. Of course, after you graduate high school, your classmates aren't as close to you as they used to be, just a desk away. I kept up with Tiffany through social media, and she would now and then come to me wanting some photos taken. Eventually, Tiffany met Murphy, someone I have never met until the wedding day. I didn't know what he would be like, but if he was anything like Tiffany, I knew their wedding would be full of cute moments and sweet notions of love. 

When we arrived at Tiffany's prep location in Pensacola, the girls were getting ready in a back room that was pretty hidden. Took us at least 5 minutes until we found them (mini heart attack). The guys were at Murphy's house getting ready, so I sent my second shooter and assistant there. Back at Tiffany's location, everyone was having such a great time, and let us do our jobs in a stress-free manner. Tiffany is a natural in front of the camera until she stands under her dress hanging up from the balcony and it topples over her head! Somehow I caught this moment on camera, and of course, everyone came over my shoulder to repeatedly watch it and laugh. 

Murphy wrote a super sweet letter to Tiffany, and it left her in tears, bringing the note to her heart. We took Murphy aside to read his letter from Tiffany. The two were just too sweet for words! After Tiffany read her letter, her mom presented her with a precious gift--her first pearls. Wow, what a moment. They have the ultimate mother-daughter relationship. Not only is Tiffany super close to her mom, but she also had a first look with her dad. Her father walked in, and as he saw his daughter in front of him in her white dress, looking like a princess, he lost it. His little girl made it to this day. They embraced each other one last time before he gave her away to her future husband. 

This military wedding was different to us since we had not shot one before. It was awesome how the two exited through a path of swords and "kissed to pass." The reception kicks off, and the night contains dancing, speeches, a slideshow, cake, and good times. We were so honored to be a part of this wedding, and we can't wait to deliver your whole package! We hope you enjoy your highlight in the meantime! 

Wedding Vendors:

Videography: One Motion Media

Photography: Noel Nichols Photography

Planner: Planit Gulf Coast Weddings

Ceremony Venue: Naval Air Station Chapel

Reception Venue: Mustin Beach Club

Officiant: Chaplain Chris Tarrell

HMU: Tori Watkins

Florist: Grace's Flowers

Catering: Classic City Catering

Bakery: Momma Bakes Cakes

DJ: A DJ Connection